Fun Classes for Senior Citizens to Take


Retirement is both the cessation of professional activity and the beginning of a new stage in life. Boredom and isolation set in easily. After years of work, retirement totally changes the daily clock. No more waking up in the morning, no more schedules to respect… All these factors lead to temporary depression in young retirees.

In order to escape boredom, retirees can take advantage of their freedom to pursue all the passions that have been neglected for too long. Moreover, discovering new passions and learning new things can positively impact your health and even give you a more youthful mindset and more self confidence.

There are a lot of learning occasions in enjoyable courses. Here is some classes for senior citizens.

  • Fitness classes

Fitness helps keep you healthy. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that older adults get a minimum of two days of strength training per week and a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity aerobic activity.  


There are many low-impact options, like walking, swimming and yoga, which will help you increase your weekly exercise routine. If you’re fascinated by a specific form of activity, do a neighborhood or online hunt for classes.

  • Cooking classes  

Cooking has mental benefits, as do artistic activities. Cooking develops autonomy, socialization and improve the morale of participants.The therapy kitchen is an ideal lever to improve the living conditions of seniors.

Touch the ingredients, associate them according to your desires, awaken your senses, have confidence in what you create… Simple and fun ways to explore your personality, reflect on your feelings, your culinary practices, your ability to ‘adaptation. An activity that encourages you to listen to your own needs, to question yourself, and to better understand your relationship with others.

There are also online cooking courses that offer live digital classes, where you can ask questions throughout the course and chat with other participants.

  • Art Online Courses  

Both computer use and participation in arts and crafts activities can reduce mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in older people.  

A study published in Neurology found that the danger of MCI was reduced in adults aged 85 and over who engaged in arts and crafts activities in mid- and late life and who reported employing a computer in late life.  

The study also showed that social activities were related to a reduced risk of MCI. Arts and crafts classes offer both artistic and social benefits when taken in the flesh. Check local senior centers, libraries, art galleries and art studios free or low-cost classes.  

  • Write memoirs

Writing memoirs is an occupational activity that could be recommended to any elderly person.

Of course, this will take some time, and several evenings or weekends will have to be devoted to it. Moreover, this has the advantage of being able to be both a solitary activity and a family activity. This could be the occasion for many enriching exchanges.

  • Participate in writing workshops

There are many writing workshops for seniors throughout the world. Often organized by libraries or public writers, the aim of these workshops is to bring together a small group of elderly people and offer them an activity centered around words.

No need to be particularly literate or to have read a lot of books. The purpose of these workshops is simply to enjoy the activity. For example, it will be a question of composing a little poetry or a short story, of writing the review of a television series, or of participating in games based on words.

  • Listen to audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks is an ideal occupational activity for the elderly.

Because even those who don’t like to read can have a lot of fun immersing themselves in audiobooks. As this market is booming, you will have no trouble finding many books in CD format. Note also that many are read by well-known actors, or by professionals who will make the story fascinating and perfectly audible.

  • E-Learning

There are many subjects to review on education sites like Coursera, Udemy and edX. Many courses will allow you to urge a certificate at the top of the course or obtain certification if you wish to travel beyond the course audit. Universities from Harvard to Yale offer courses on such sites, with courses taught by the identical professors you’ll find on campus. The World Health Organization even considers learning and growth to be a part of somebody’s ability to age well.